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Compiled by Haley Wilson

We asked Birmingham-area residents, Where do you go, or do, when you want a peace of mind?

MARINA MOORE: “I love Railroad Park because of the atmosphere. I love the downtown location and it’s just refreshing to come down and relax in the big fields, especially when the sun is out. The park also always has some type of event so if I need to distract myself I can.”

RE’JUAN SPATES: “I like to go to Red Cat Coffee House to study. I prefer a nice little coffee shop or something like that so Red Cat is the perfect place for me to go and wind down. I like the atmosphere in the mornings, it’s a true coffee shop feel.”

LAUREN MOORE: “I like to go to Mom’s Basement in Birmingham on days that they aren’t crowded. It’s a really cool bar that literally is themed like your mother’s basement. There’s a pool table and other things like that. Some days there’s karaoke.”

CAMOORA JAMES: “I like to go to Red Mountain Park and ease my mind. It’s another great park that’s in the city and I love to go there and just be around nature . . . It’s always relaxing to go and get some energy from the sun and see the beautiful world.”