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Compiled by Haley Wilson

With the USFL in Birmingham and The World Games 2022 to start in July, we asked Birmingham-area residents, What do you think visitors will like most about the city?

KENNEDY CHASE: “I think people will really enjoy the innovation of Birmingham; it has its own unique style that I think people can appreciate. I’m a current senior at The University of Alabama. So, I have been around sports my whole life and I know what a big deal events like these are.”

DOMINIC TAYLOR: “The culture and intrigue around the city of Birmingham . . . they’re building up the city and you’ve got all these attractions and sights and people want to see things that are new and interesting.”

DEJON FRAZIER: “You can ride scooters at the park, there are plenty of bars and restaurants. I think people will really enjoy the different things to do here. They’re a lot of options here and I think that’s the best part.”

KATY ROZIER: “I’d say the people. Birmingham has the nicest coolest people I have ever met, honestly. Having people come down and experience a little bit of southern hospitality is always pretty great.”