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39-year-old Black Businessman Awarded a $13.4 Billion Defense Contract



Meet Issac Barnes, the young founder and President of Eminent Future, whose Black-owned tech firm has been awarded a $13.4 billion dollar defense contract with the U.S. Airforce and the U.S. Spaceforce.

Hailing from Grand Rapids, Michigan, Barnes would drop out of college and serve with the US Marines, where he prospered as a software engineer and data analyst supporting the Commandant of the Marine Corps. Barnes then went on to work for the Secretary of Defense to produce federal websites and digital products that saved millions of dollars for the Department of Defense

He received numerous awards and accolades for his innovations. His passion for technology led him to serve under both the Obama and Trump administrations. His team led the 2017 presidential records transition efforts for President Obama.

Barnes, 39, became the first Black multi-millionaire President of a Federal Digital Product and Innovation Company, Eminent Future. Serving as the President of Eminent Future, he secured a defense contract worth more than $13.4 billion while positioning the company to be one of the fastest-growing in Arlington, Virginia.

Barnes said, “The biggest issue that we have in America is that we are not working together as one unit.” He combines leadership, entrepreneurship, technology, and spirituality to design growth opportunities between organizations and communities to generate and instill that cohesive unity.

On the heels of his remarkable accomplishments, Barnes, in conjunction with business partner Jose Risi established xMooney, which encourages its miners to reduce their carbon footprint while ensuring a more stable and secure blockchain. Now, Barnes is using his platform and resources to give back. He is a vocal advocate for diversity in tech and is working to close the Black tech gap. He believes cryptocurrency and Web3 are the future, and he is creating pathways for more Black and brown people to join the movement.

More information can be found on Barnes Barnes.com and his company’s website at EminentFuture.com