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Cyber-Shop ‘Til You Drop: Agoraverse To Launch Virtual Mall


Agoraverse will have thousands of clothes stores, art stores, furniture stores, NFTs and other metaverse uses.  (Agoraverse)

By Jonathan Hobbs

Shopping just got more interesting.

Agoraverse promises to develop a “really immersive virtual shopping center” that will take advantage of the extensive Solana ecosystem’s features.

Agoraverse will have thousands of clothes stores, art stores, furniture stores, NFTs (non-fungible tokens) and other metaverse uses. The development team says mini-games, restaurants and bars will be accessible to make consumers’ virtual stays as entertaining as possible.

Part of that promise rests on so-called smart contract improvements, which create endless possibilities for Agora’s fully operational digital metaverse environment. Agora will use Unity to create an interactive, realistic digital ecosystem.

It also relies on blockchain, a record-keeping technology that cannot be hacked. Unlike web 2.0, it is safe, transparent and globally accessible.

Users can access the Agora private lofts, places to take a break from shopping, with an Access Card. (Agoraverse)

The Agoraverse is a distinct metaverse.

It allows consumers to shop for digital things in the form of NFTs and tangible assets that may be delivered to their homes. (An NFT is a financial security consisting of digital data stored in a blockchain.) This is the first time a blockchain metaverse project has released this feature, the company says, which it predicts will excite shoppers.

Agoraverse developers established metashops for NFT collectors and metaverse fans who wish to own assets and make money. Brands or individuals own them in the Agora metaverse. These stores sell digital and physical goods and provide various services. Owners of Agora’s Metashops will pay a monthly subscription fee using their preferred payment method, which includes access to an editor tool.

In fact, that’s part of Agoraverse pitch: allowing users to purchase with friends and family while keeping their data private.

Users can access the Agora through Solana using a non-custodial wallet, which means you take personal responsibility for your assets. Agora coin provides utilitarian and governance functions for the Agoraverse. Non-custodial wallets collect all digital purchases, including NFTs. Users who buy actual things must fill out a form and provide their addresses. They can also pay using cryptocurrencies besides AGORA.

Oscar Bellei, one of the firm’s co-founders, and its project manager. (Agoraverse)

Agoraverse plans to distribute AGORA via a two-round token auction on June 3, 2022. In the beginning, white-listed addresses and Access Card members will receive AGORA.

AGORA will be open for public investment in the second and third rounds. Holders can be liquidity providers, allowing for seamless trading of the token while reaping rewards, until Q3 2022. The company also plans to build a new Solana NFT collection that holders can buy with AGORA at a discount.

Not only can shoppers peruse inventory at their leisure, but if they want to take a break, they can do so in private lofts at Agoraverse, where they can socialize with friends or strangers. It will be accessible via the company’s Access Card.

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