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The Activist: Jenice Fountain, Margins/Yellowhammer Fund

Jenice Fountain said it's important to "love radically, with intention." (Joe Songer, For The Birmingham Times)

Compiled by Ryan Michaels

The Birmingham Times

Birmingham, known as a cradle of civil rights history, today still contains numerous strong voices pushing for change locally and across the country. Within the activist community are those fighting for environmental justice, justice system reform and better connectivity among communities, among other issues. But these individuals all have one thing in common—improved quality of life for all.

Here is one of those voices.

Name: Jenice Fountain

Age: 30

Organization: Margins/Yellowhammer Fund

Your passion: Reproductive justice

What does a better Birmingham look like: “I think that we [need to] really genuinely look at grassroots organizing as a serious, if nothing else, complement to what the state is doing [through welfare and other social services]. We can’t only fund state programming. It’s leaving people out. The only way to make sure that people aren’t being left out is to fund people on the ground that are doing the work, and they’re making sure that everybody is assisted that needs assistance. Maybe just holding up grassroots efforts at the same rate that we hold up state programming and acknowledging grassroots efforts.”

Favorite quote/Words you live by: “Love radically, with intention.”