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The Activist: Shauntice Allen, Greater-Birmingham Alliance to Stop Pollution (GASP)

Shauntice Allen said her passion is to make sure all voices are heard. (Joe Songer, For The Birmingham Times)

Compiled by Ryan Michaels

The Birmingham Times

Birmingham, known as a cradle of civil rights history, today still contains numerous strong voices pushing for change locally and across the country. Within the activist community are those fighting for environmental justice, justice system reform and better connectivity among communities, among other issues. But these individuals all have one thing in common—improved quality of life for all.

Here is one of those voices.

Name: Shauntice Allen

Age: 45

Organization: Greater-Birmingham Alliance to Stop Pollution (GASP)

Your passion: “Giving voice to those who are impacted by bad public decision making.”

What does a better Birmingham look like: “One where the whole notion of inclusivity and inclusiveness is shown and demonstrated in who’s at the decision-making table or tables. That that would I hope be something that allows for better a Birmingham to thrive, and also ensure that people have what it is that they need when they need it . . . I think that kind of lends itself back to different voices being in spaces and places to be heard and actually listened to, so when those needs do arise, because they will, that people’s voices were actually they were heard, and the decisions around how those needs are met with community voices in mind.”

Favorite quote/Words you live by: “We all do better, when we all do better.” -Paul Wellstone, former U.S. Sen. representing Minnesota from 1991-2002