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Birmingham Makes More Moves to Deter Exhibition Driving in the City


By Pat Byington


The city of Birmingham has declared war on exhibition driving.

Last month, more speed bumps were installed downtown on 1st Avenue North and other areas.

In response to questions provided by Bham Now, the Woodfin Administration outlined its plan to combat the unlawful racing that has become a huge public safety problem not only in The Magic City but nationwide.

The newly installed speed bumps are located near some of the city’s most popular bars and restaurants.

In a statement, city officials wrote, “The city continues to utilize traffic calming measures, as well as law enforcement to address exhibition driving. This includes proposed legislation in Montgomery to address exhibition driving throughout the state.”

Birmingham has acquired more than 50 speed bumps. According to the city, they are not permanent, and can be moved from one location to another based on need.

In March, bipartisan legislation was introduced to tackle exhibition driving.

Democratic Rep. Juandalynn Givan introduced House Bill 107, local legislation that pertains to Jefferson County which increases civil punishments for those caught exhibition driving.

On the first offense, the bill says the person’s car will be impounded for 10 days and the individual will be responsible for paying the towing and storage fees. For each additional offense, the length of time the car is impounded goes up by 10 days, capping at 30 days. Republican Rep, Allen Treadway, the former city of Birmingham Assistant Police Chief is a co-sponsor.

Statewide, Rep. Treadway has proposed, House Bill 29, legislation that cracks down on exhibition driving with jail time for the first offense and escalates for further offenses. The legislation is also supported by Givan.

In the meantime, while local and statewide legislation makes its way through the Alabama legislature, expect to see additional traffic calming measures taken by Birmingham.

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