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Residents Can Purchase Additional Garbage Cart Beginning May 30


Changes to the City of Birmingham’s “Solid Waste Collection and Disposal” ordinance will allow residents currently participating in the uniform garbage cart program to apply for an additional cart. The Birmingham City Council approved the updated ordinance on Tuesday.

Nearly 45,000 single-family residential properties in the city are part of the new once-a-week household garbage collection. Each of those properties must use a 96-gallon-complimentary cart provided by the city. That is the only garbage receptacle which may be used in the new program. Residents wishing to have a second cart may apply starting Tuesday, May 30. Residents must pay $120 for an additional cart. Single family residences will be limited to only two carts.

Multifamily residences containing no more than four units and currently using the uniform garbage cart may purchase additional carts at $120 each. No more than four carts will be provided for those multifamily residences.

Multifamily residences with more than four units will not be provided the city’s garbage carts. Those properties must provide a special garbage container for the premises and provide service to empty the container.

The $120 fee per cart covers the cost of the cart, delivery and one year of once-a-week-service. Additional fees may be applied at the end of the first year of service to continue this service.

A resident can only purchase an additional cart after receiving the first, complimentary cart.

To review the complete ordinance update, learn more about purchasing an additional cart or to read more about the uniform household garbage cart program, please visit www.birminghamal.gov/pickup.