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The Alabama Broadcasters Association Establishes $50,000 Scholarship at Miles College



The Alabama Broadcasters Association (ABA), the authoritative voice of the broadcasting industry in Alabama, will establish a $50,000 scholarship fund for scholars at Miles College. The ABA’s commitment to supporting the next generation of journalists underscores its dedication to advancing the broadcasting profession and empowering aspiring talents to pursue their dreams without financial constraints.

The check presentation will take place in the Welcome Center on the campus of Miles College, 11 am – 12 pm, 5813 Court E, Fairfield, AL 35064 on August 23. Please RSVP to mjolly@miles.edu to confirm your attendance at the event.

“The Alabama Broadcasters Association is very pleased to establish this scholarship endowment fund at Miles to assist students in their pursuit of broadcast-related degrees. We hope students are encouraged to see that as an industry, we are willing to invest in their future. We want them to be excited to become Alabama broadcasters!” said Sharon M. Tinsley, President of the ABA.

“At Miles College, we firmly believe that diversity is the cornerstone of progress, and this scholarship initiative will undoubtedly play a pivotal role in providing a pipeline to diverse candidates in the broadcasting industry. Together with the Alabama Broadcasters Association, we look forward to shaping a brighter future where our students can unleash their full potential and contribute significantly to the transformative power of media,” said Bobbie Knight, J.D., President of Miles College.

The scholarships will provide journalism students with invaluable financial assistance to help with their academic and professional pursuits. These scholarships will not only ease the burden of tuition fees but enable students to concentrate on honing their journalistic skills and enhance the media landscape in Alabama and beyond.

“In an effort to continue creating great broadcasters from this state, the Alabama Broadcasters Association is thrilled to provide the scholarship endowment fund for Miles College. There is a healthy and vibrant future in Alabama broadcasting, and this endowment will serve as a launching point for many young broadcasters coming out of Miles. “said Mark Bunting, Board Chairman of the Alabama Broadcasters Association.

The ABA’s steadfast commitment to education and professional development continues to be a driving force in the state’s broadcasting industry. This scholarship fund represents a strategic investment in the future of journalism, empowering students to overcome financial barriers and focusing on building their skills, knowledge, and experience.

“We are deeply grateful to the Alabama Broadcasters Association for this incredible scholarship opportunity,” said Bala Baptiste, Professor of Communications & Division Chair at Miles College. “The ABA’s unwavering support will undoubtedly open doors for our journalism students and enable them to thrive in their academic pursuits, ultimately strengthening the fabric of our community through impactful storytelling.”

This scholarship initiative is a testament to the Alabama Broadcasters Association’s intentionality to foster an inclusive broadcasting industry that nurtures innovation and journalistic excellence. By investing in the education of promising individuals, the ABA seeks to create a positive ripple effect in the media landscape, enhancing the quality of reporting and amplifying diverse voices.

“It is noteworthy to emphasize that Miles College stands as the sole Historical Black College and University (HBCU) within the expanse of the Birmingham metropolitan area. Notably, our institution prides itself on serving first-generation college students, with a significant proportion qualifying for Pell grants. A laudable testament to the institution’s commitment to nurturing academic excellence and relieving financial strain is establishing a commendable $50,000 scholarship fund courtesy of the ABA.

This philanthropic initiative alleviates the financial burdens carried by our students, enabling them to wholeheartedly dedicate themselves to their scholarly pursuits while also flourishing in diverse spheres of personal and intellectual growth,” said Dr. Steven E. Hairston, CFRM, Vice President of Institutional Advancement at Miles College.