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Explore Downtown’s Walkable Mural Trail

By Natalia Durán-Whyte, Communications Coordinator at REV Birmingham

Looking to make the most of your time while waiting for a table or perhaps seeking a way to work off some post-dinner calories? Look no further than Birmingham’s captivating mural trail, an ideal way to immerse yourself in the heart of downtown Birmingham. This trail invites you to stroll through the storied streets of both the historic downtown district and the civil rights district. While Birmingham boasts an abundance of striking murals, our carefully curated trail promises an enjoyable, sun-soaked afternoon adventure. With an estimated completion time of about an hour, or the flexibility to split it into two leisurely segments, this trail promises a memorable exploration of art and history.

Use this guide to help you navigate the trail and use #BHMHasMoreMurals to get featured on our socials!

Start: Rainbow Wall

Artist: Marcus Fetch and community volunteers

Address: Railroad Reservation/ BPA Lot A 2101 Morris Avenue

Description: The 500-foot-long Rainbow Wall on the side of the railroad tracks off Birmingham’s historic Morris Avenue was completed in 2019 with the help of nearly 100 people.

Stop 2: Red Cape Robot Mural

Artist: John Lytle Wilson

Address: 5th Row, 2105 Morris Avenue

Description: This three-story mural was completed in 2019 by local artist John Lytle Wilson. His love for cartoons inspired his notorious monkey and robot paintings. Learn more about his art here.

Stop 3: It’s nice to have you in Birmingham

Artist: Creighton Tynes

Address: John’s City Diner, 112 Richard Arrington Jr Boulevard North

Description: The slogan “It’s Nice to Have You in Birmingham” has been a cherished part of the city’s promotional efforts since the 1950s. However, this particular mural, which was beautifully painted in 2014, has solidified its status as an iconic backdrop for countless Instagram-worthy moments.

Stop 4: Jungle Mural and others

Artist: Shane B., Dewon Moton, and Aimah Hashen

Address: Forstall Art Center, 215 20th Street North

Description: A lifelong friend and customer of the Forstall family, Shane was asked to turn the art shop’s concrete wall into a masterpiece for others to enjoy while walking along 20th Street North. That led to other artist contributing their artistic touch to what used to be a gloomy alleyway.

Stop 5: Theater District Mural

Artist: Andy Jordan – Blank Space Bham

Address: 1898 3rd Avenue North Alley

Description: This massive mural is located across from the Mcwane Science Center and is conveniently located next to the Vulcan Project Mural. What kind of performers can you spot?

Stop 6: Vulcan Project Mural

Artist: Stephanie Guckenberger and Kyle Kruse

Address: 1820 3rd Alley North

Description: In 2015, this trio of pop-art-inspired Vulcan statues represented an early exploration into the mural trend.

Stop 7: Girl and the Dandelion

Artist: Marcus Fetch

Address: 214 18th St North

Description: Painted during the pandemic, the inspiration behind this mural beautifully encapsulates the essence of childhood bliss.

Stop 8: Black Man Self Love

Artist: Erica Chisolm

Address: Sonya Faye’s Tailor & Clothier, 1709 3rd Avenue North

Description: The latest addition to this trail pays tribute to Black men. Shedding light on the fact that 88% of men never receive flowers in their lifetime, Erica was inspired to incorporate flowers into the mural’s design.

Stop 9: Be Kind

Artist: Erica Chisolm

Address: Nelson Building, 312 17th Street North

Description: Erica, the talented artist behind the mural above, also gave life to the “Be Kind” mural, a masterpiece that showcases the influence of kindness.

Stop 10: Carrie Tuggle and Angela Davis Mural

Artist: Jamie Bonfiglio & Erica Chislom

Address: 1617 4th Ave North

Description: On the exterior wall of Dawson’s Cafe in the civil rights district, these temporary murals depict activist Carrie Tuggle and Birmingham native Angela Davis.

Stop 11: Moving Foward

Artist: Erica Chisolm

Address: 1610 4th Avenue North

Description: This abstract mural was created in 2022, inspired by the civil rights district’s growth.

End: The People Can Fly

Artist: Erica Chisolm

Address: Gay Office Supply, 1522 4th Avenue North

Description: Originating from The People Can Fly American Black Folktale Book, Erica Chisolm hopes to inspire Black people from Birmingham or visitors walking through the historic civil rights district.


For more information on downtown Birmingham go to, https://downtownbhm.com.