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Laughter Heals; It Can’t Hurt


I recently saw a video clip of comedian/activist Dick Gregory talking about how powerful laughter can be in your health and healing journey. He talked – and I am paraphrasing here – about how laughter releases a substance in your body that facilitates healing.

And he mentioned the opposite is true as well.

Frowning as part of an anger response, according to Gregory, could release adverse health effects in your body. Well, my spider senses started tingling and I had to search it out for myself. And you know what?  The good Dr. Gregory was absolutely correct.

Research shows that laughter relieves stress, improves mood, relieves pain and helps boost immunity, among other things. And the research also shows it can possibly assist in healing more serious diseases. That was all I needed to hear.

We all lead busy lives, but this is our reminder to find some time to laugh this season. (Adobe Stock)

Talk about an easy remedy for an everyday illness or mental ailment like depression. My goodness friends. Can you imagine what would happen if we incorporated more laughter in our lives?

Now, here’s the balance on this. I am not saying ditch your meds or your doctor. Please keep going with your doc visits and prescribed medicines. But why not make this one adjustment?

So, with that in mind, when’s the last time you laughed with your friends, saw a great comedy or incorporated a day of play and full-on child-like inspiration?

As I write this column, I am reminded of a weekly meeting that I attend. And while we make sure we conduct the business at hand, it’s concluded by a fair amount jokes, laughter and trash talking (in the most fun sense you can imagine).

I can remember laughing so hard at some of the jokes we share in that meeting. But really, who knew that this is healing?

Perhaps I did subliminally because no matter what we have going, our team works to make that meeting happen. And we all play off one another, with the comedic timing rivaling that of a well-produced show. But in all seriousness, what if we remembered to bring this lightness in all our endeavors?

And rather than be so hard on the class clown teachers and employers, perhaps we understand that this is really a God-given gift to bring healing to our stressful world? And I am so serious regarding this statement.

We all lead busy lives, but this is our reminder to find some time to laugh this season. You are literally healing the very core of yourself when you do. But don’t take my word for it, research the benefits of laughter on your health.

LOL (just because)! Your body and mind will thank you.

As always, remember I’m rooting for you and wishing us a healthy dose of laughter over the summer and way beyond.