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Sharpe-Jefferson: I’m fully vaccinated. Guess what happened?

By Keisa Sharpe-Jefferson I heard a friend say recently that he believed that everyone has had COVID – some who were symptomatic and others who...

Drew: COVID-19 Vaccinations Available for Children and Teens

By Samuetta Hill Drew Even though the country is resuming to some sense of normalcy in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic, the COVID-19 threat...

Five Easy Tips to Secure COVID Vaccine Appointments

By James C. Appleby In the United States, more than eight in 10 Covid-19 deaths have occurred among those of aged 65 or above. This sobering...

COVID-19 Vaccines: What about Birmingham’s Homeless Population?

By Sydney Melson and Erica Wright The Birmingham Times COVID-19 vaccination sites are opening around Jefferson County, and growing numbers of citizens are receiving shots—but some...

UAB Medical Experts Answer Coronavirus Vaccine Questions

By Bob Shepard UAB News Many people still have questions regarding vaccination against COVID-19 as the vaccine is becoming available to the broader community. Medical professionals at...

UAB Adds Parker High School, Hoover Met as COVID Vaccination Sites

By Tyler Greer UAB News The University of Alabama at Birmingham announced Friday that it will soon offer three appointment-only COVID-19 vaccination sites in Jefferson County with new...