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Sharpe-Jefferson: I’m fully vaccinated. Guess what happened?

By Keisa Sharpe-Jefferson

I heard a friend say recently that he believed that everyone has had COVID – some who were symptomatic and others who may have had no symptoms at all. I chuckled when he said it, but a part of me wanted to slightly believe that theory.

Well here’s what I do know, vaccinated and all, I was affected by COVID and some of its milder symptoms very recently. I don’t know specifically what opened me up to testing positive, but I do know I’d let my guard down and hadn’t been as vigilant in habits that helped keep the illness at bay for years.

For instance, here are the areas which I believe opened the door.

  • I’d been wearing my mask way too infrequently, whether in large crowds or meeting one on one. I believe masking up is likely one of the strongest safeguards for protecting against COVID 19 (even though I’m fully vaccinated).
  • Also, I’d been traveling, working and attending a number of events keeping later hours, which I believe set in motion a perpetual fatigue. But I didn’t really recognize it because I believe we are trained often to keep going even when we don’t feel particularly great. We keep dancing with the idea that we’ll get rest one day, but one day keeps moving farther out on the calendar.
  • I also became way too lax in my health regimen of drinking water, taking vitamins and supplements and other general preventative care rituals.

And please know that there are those who don’t have integrity regarding these health matters.

There are those who test positive for COVID and will still intermingle with others and not shelter-in-place as recommended. So there’s a strong need for you and I to remain personally vigilant.

I must say that the whole experience taught me that I can never really let my guard down.

I can honestly say that my symptoms weren’t as extreme (I thought I had a sinus infection, which I’d been prone to in years past) and I’m grateful for it.

But my heart still goes out to all those who lost their lives battling COVID.

And prayers continue for their families.

I share my story for one reason only – to remind you that COVID is still here and we must remain watchful to defeat it and live victoriously over it.

If you’re diagnosed with it, don’t fret.

We know that many have successfully kicked it and we’ve simply come a long way in the fight against this disease.

My simple advice to you would be to follow the doctor’s orders, rest and minimize your exposure to others.

Healing really isn’t that difficult, it’s often just a matter of time and obedience.

As always, I’m cheering for you.

Keisa Sharpe-Jefferson is a life coach, author and speaker. Her column appears each month online and in The Birmingham Times. You can contact Keisa at keisasharpe@yahoo.com.