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Articles That Made the News

I'm starting this article by retracting a statement in my August 14th column. My article stated that Barnett Wright said Sheila Smoot would win...

Pride is the key

One of the most important words in building a city is pride, by the citizens. If some, maybe a few of us can recall,...

Worst Campaign Ever

When I used the headline to write about Terri Sewell’s campaign I was under the impression that I would never use this headline again....

This Is Almost Unbelievable

The speaker of the house made a statement that he was going to file suit against the President of the United States. When a...

The Hardest Race, Sixty

Juandalynn Givan against Arthur Shores Lee was the hardest race for the House Seat. Lee accused Givan of handling a grant inappropriately. Yet, when...