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Birmingham Volunteers Launch Campaign Offering Solution to Global Issues

jw.org Kyra Viator smiled brightly and checked her tablet before knocking on her first door of the day. She has something important to discuss with...

Facing The Future With Confidence

jw.org In the face of widespread economic strain, national conflicts and social unrest, surveys indicate that confidence in the future is at an all-time low...

Jehovah’s Witnesses Return to Door-to-Door Ministry

jw.org Jehovah’s Witnesses will resume their trademark door-to-door ministry beginning Sept. 1; the two-and-a-half-year suspension of the work will end just in time for the...

Jehovah’s Witnesses Hold Global Virtual Event in 240 Lands, 500+ Languages

jw.org Breaking a century-old tradition in the name of health and safety, the largest convention organization in the world has moved its annual in-person event...