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The Sims Family Reunion


Nall, Hill, Pruitt ReunionThe Roberts  Sims and Queenie Sims Brown families met here in Birmingham the
weekend of the 9th for their Biannual Family Reunion.  The elder members of the
family formerly lived in Brookside, Ala.
The  reunion was beautifully planned and well carried out by the younger members of the family.  There were members attending from several states. A banquet was held on Friday night August 9th at the Gardendale Civic Center. Eura Brown Garrison, the family’s oldest living member, updated the true family history and passed it out at the banquet. The title of
the updated history was, “Families, Like Diamonds, Are Forever.”
On Saturday August 10th, they gathered for the family picnic at Tom Bradford Park.
This was truly a memorable weekend and was enjoyed by all.


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