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New Birmingham City Councilors Hit the Ground Running

Marcus Lundy

Councilors Sheila Tyson and Marcus Lundy are the new members of the Birmingham City Council. After a month of being in office, they have wasted no time tackling issues in their districts, communicating with constituents and addressing neighborhood concerns.
Tyson has said that she wants to remove the negative stigmatism in District 6 and make it a place people want to move to. Lundy believes District 9 is a prime area for economic development and he wants to help spur the same growth and change downtown Birmingham is experiencing.
Sheila Tyson represents District 6 which consists of Arlington West End, Powderly, Smithfield, Mason City, North Titusville and many more historic Birmingham neighborhoods.
Since taking office, Councilor Tyson has:
·         Donated $2,000 to Wenonah High School
·         Supported funding for Children’s Village, American Red Cross
·         Hosted a shared Halloween party with Princeton Towers Senior
Living and Our Future Daycare
·         Presented at the American Public Health Association Conference in
·         Participated in three community parades: Wenonah Homecoming,
Magic City Classic and Veterans Day
·         Supported efforts to educate the public on Affordable Care Action
and health care reform
·         Continued to fight for indigent health care in Jefferson County after
the closure of Cooper Green Hospital
·         Developed video documenting the history of District 6’s impact on
the City of Birmingham
·         Attended the “Reclaiming Vacant Properties” Conference in
Philadelphia, Pa.

Marcus Lundy represents District 9 which consists of Sherman Heights, Dolomite, Hooper City, East Thomas, Pratt and many more in northern Birmingham.
Since taking office, Councilor Lundy has:
•    Implemented a 90-day plan to have zero complaints backlogged in District 9
•    Continues to attend or have a representative at all District 9 neighborhood meetings
•    Investigated improperly paved roads in Dolomite
•    Began tackling the street resurfacing issue for all District 9 neighborhoods
•    Worked with Mayor Bell and Department of Public Works to clean up Acipco, Finley and Dolomite neighborhoods
•    Assisted REV Birmingham in building community participation for REVIVE Ensley
•    Participated in community events in Ensley and Smithfield Estates
•    Participated in the 5K at the Junction fundraiser
•    Began working with the Office of the Mayor to get District 9 bond projects off the ground. Specifically, he is interested in seeing a few improvement projects completed as quickly as possible, including: the Wylam Library, Pratt City Library and Tuxedo Heights Park Improvements.

Councilors Tyson and Lundy have wasted no time executing the duties of the office of councilmember as they pledged at the official swearing-in ceremony a month ago. As newly elected officials, they have taken their oath to heart and truly began serving the community.