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Hair and Beauty Facts


The first and most detrimental fact that I know about Black hair and skin is we Black people don’t understand it as we should. The effects of the heating tools that are applied to our hair to achieve a straight textural look is damaging to our skin. The misunderstanding of our hair and skin goes back to slavery where the color of our skin and the texture of our hair were different than that of white people. As a Black person and a hairstylist I don’t make comparisons of Black and white hair. All hair has three layers in each strand; all skin has three layers inside of it that directly apply to the hair. Another fact about hair and skin is it is made of protein, keratin, carbon, hydrogen, nitrogen, sulfur, oxygen, and phosphorus.

The condition of your hair is the state of  health it is in. Hair conditioners are formulated to impart some or all of the extracts that hair is composed of to ensure its strength and elasticity. The hair of a Black person is a blessing from God in my opinion, because of its ability to withstand the chemical substances that we had to use on it in order to survive from slavery till now. Our skin color is not as big a problem as our hair texture is to the white man. The fact is white people can get a tan on their skin but they can’t get a texturizer on their hair that can make it look like yours. The texture of Black hair and Black skin is proof that we have the most versatile hair and skin texture in the world. Texture defines out to mean, the general quality and feel of hair and skin such as coarse, fine, thin, or medium. In other words, our hair and skin is soft to the touch. The fact is we have been blessed with beauty naturally.

Now I am not asking you to believe this because I said it, I’m asking you to study to show your own self-approval.

By: Pete Stone
Contact me: (205) 252-2508.


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