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Summer is fleeing swiftly as numerous children prepare to return to school. A surefire way to jumpstart your little one’s cognitive development is through reading. One brilliant writer of children’s literature, Sharon G. Flake has a new book that will be available on September 30th. The Unstoppable Octobia May (Scholastic Press) is the title of this remarkable story that addresses race and culture with a mixture of profound historical references. Centered around an extended family, the Unstoppable Octobia May weaves a spellbound tale of limitless adventure through the eyes of a precocious little girl with a vivid imagination.    Book News 

Octobia May is far beyond the average girl of her age during the 1950s. Could it be because she was born with a heart condition? Maybe it’s because she talks to the unseen. Surely it is not the fact that she lives with her aunt in her boarding house with a bunch of old people. Well, one thing is certain, the fact that she is beloved by all she encounters – except the vampire in room 204.

The occupant of room 204, Mr. Davenport happens to be a strange gentleman. He keeps uncomely hours and his activities warrants quite a number of questions. Sensing that he keeps more secrets than a little, Octobia May sets out to unearth just what he has buried. Using her keen wit and the freedom her aunt permits, she embarks on an adventure that brings to light more than a few bloodsuckers of a different kind.      

Award winning author Sharon G. Flake has perfectly captured the innocent and inquisitive nature of one brave youth. Although Octobia May faced many challenges mentally and physically (race, health, hair, etc.), she did not let this limit her from having a full productive childhood. This is a vital attribute that all children should have as it is crucial in their becoming productive members of society.  The phenomenal Sharon G. Flake is the recipient of three Coretta Scott King Author Honor Awards. She was nominated for a NAACP Image Award for her title, The Skin I’m In.  She makes Pittsburgh, Pa. home.   

By: Esther Callens



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