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Drew: Tips on a Safe And Enjoyable Christmas

By Samuetta Hill Drew

The final holiday of 2022 is just a few days away – Christmas. It is a time many religious leaders and their followers celebrate the birth of Jesus. It is also a day that families and friends gather to fellowship and celebrate each other, their accomplishments and reminisce about fun times. Typically, delicious food plays an essential role in these gatherings. This is one of the main reasons this week’s safety article is important to read and follow the recommendations.

Safety Tip One: BE Careful When Cooking

The National Fire Protection Association reports that Christmas is a date home cooking fires skyrocket. This is not surprising because of the large amount of cooking which occurs on this day.

To help prevent these types of fires which could turn a jolly day into a tragic event, pay careful attention in your kitchen. Never leave pots and pans unattended while they are boiling or frying. This advice also applies to foods in your oven. Keep your stove area clean and turn pot handles inward and do not have them dangling over the stove where a small child could easily reach.

Safety Tip Two: Take Precaution When Using Your Fireplace

This year’s Christmas temperatures are predicted to be extremely cold. Fireplaces are great for warmth and ambience, but they can be a fire hazard also.  To avoid a house fire, make sure your fireplace has been inspected and clean. A clogged fireplace can cause harmful smoke to fill your home.

Also make sure your Christmas decorations are positioned away from the fireplace.  Make sure your Christmas tree is a safe distance away to prevent it from catching on fire.

Safety Tip Three: Do Not Leave Candles Unattended

Candles are another source of home fires. Many people light candles during the winter as a way to celebrate the holidays, observance traditions, or simply as a way for warmth. It is of upmost importance that you place candles in a place where they can not be accidentally knocked down.

Never leave your candles unattended and definitely do not go to sleep or leave home without putting the candle out. Candles should be placed in a location where no flammable objects are nearby. A mere strong gust of wind has the ability to blow your curtain in the wrong direction and catch fire.

Safety Tip Four: Have Your Car Checked Before a Long Trip

Many people travel out-of-town during the Christmas holidays. Therefore, if you plan to drive to your destination, make sure to have your car and tires checked first.

Christmas is a day when many lifetime memories are made. Practice good safety habits by Keeping an Eye on Safety so your memories will be fun pleasant ones.