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Drew: February Safety Tips for Women

By Samuetta Hill Drew

February is the month so many associate with the word “love.” Many, after reading this brief safety article series over the next few weeks, may wonder why February and not March especially since March’s designated focus is women. My response is simple, February is about love and focusing on one’s self-care is the fundamental nature of love.

It has been long known that women are more frequent targets of harassment, assault and sometimes even worse, victims of deadly crimes. The news and social media have an abundance of stories about women as victims to the point that, it is easy to overlook the significance of each individual story. The fact is, no one ever believes they will be the victim of an attack or that it could happen in my neighborhood. The truth of the matter is, it could be anyone at any time or anywhere.

This is the reason this brief safety series will focus on common sense personal safety tips for women. This way women can Keep an Eye on their own safety as a part of their self-care.

Safety tip #1: Be alert & stay aware

This is by far the most important line of defense. A distracted person is an easy target.

We live in such a fast-paced environment that it is easy to get distracted, so much so that cell phones manufacturers added to their device a silence component. This component gives the caller a message about one’s unavailability so they will not become distracted. This component is helpful because all too often people walk, sit in cars, drive, or enter their homes with their heads down paying attention to their cell phones, totally unaware of who or what is around them.

In addition, many young people do everything with their earbuds in. It is utterly impossible to stay aware and be focused on your surroundings when all you can hear is your music, podcast, video, or phone call. Refrain from using your earbuds when you are in a potentially vulnerable situation.

Safety tip #2: Trust your sixth sense/instincts

It is often believed that women have great instincts about people and situations. This belief has been studied and many report findings to support this belief. Many refer to this instinct as your “gut feelings.” Regardless of the name, trust it. If you feel a situation or person could be unsafe, it is often best to trust your feelings. If you feel that someone is following you, or acting strangely or suspiciously, report them. It is better to error on the side of your personal safety.

Safety tip #3:  Never get too comfortable

Always remember that just because you are in a place of familiarity does not mean that you are safer there than anywhere else. The area around your home, your favorite stores or your favorite walking route all may provide you a feeling of safety and ease, but they are not necessarily safer than anywhere else. Remember safety tip number one – stay alert and aware.

Express your love by sharing these safety tips with your daughters, wives, mothers and female friends so they too can Keep an Eye on their personal Safety at all times.