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Drew: Heart Filled Gestures vs. Heartbreak

By Samuetta Hill Drew

Symbols of “amour” are already in the astrosphere. We see these romantic symbols all around us – online and in our stores. Yes, Valentine’s Day 2023 is Feb. 14, just around the corner. So, as you make your romantic plans for a special evening with a loved one, friends, alone or with your pet, remember to sprinkle some heartfelt safety measures in your celebration.
Provided below are a few safety tips to assist you with your Valentine’s planning.  Practicing these safety tips can help your Valentine celebration be filled with heart filled gestures versus heartbreak.
Valentine Safety Tips:
1. If champagne or other alcoholic drinks are a part of your Valentine celebration, remember not to drink and drive.
2. COVID is still around, so remember you want to spread love – not germs. Therefore, continue to practice all the COVID safety measures. Also keep in mind that February is still in the midst of the cold and flu season. Therefore, it is important to cover your mouth with your elbow when you cough and wash your hands frequently, as needed.
3. Avoid raw foods such as bloody steaks and/or raw oysters. Both may sound very appetizing to some, but play it safe and ask for food thoroughly cooked to prevent possible food poisoning.
4. Blow out candles when you are not in the room.
5. Keep clothing and decorations far away from open flames to prevent an unwanted fire.
6. If you are using a wood burning, gas or electric fireplace, make sure you have conducted all the proper precautionary safety measures for proper usage.
7. If you are planning on preparing a delicious home cooked meal, make sure you are always in the kitchen monitoring flames and /or appliances.
8. If you are preparing a romantic getaway, protect your home by setting a timer for your lights (use your phone, if applicable), and make provisions for your mail. You may want to leave a car in your driveway.
9. Wait to post pictures from your romantic getaway or even your date until you return home. Thieves may use this intel to break into your home while you are away.
10. Keep your chocolate candy and treats away from your pets. It may make them vomit or seriously ill.

Keeping an Eye on Safety on Valentine’s Day will help make your evening special