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BeyonceThe Rise of Beyonce’ and Destiny’s Child
by Kelly Kenyatta
Amber Communications Group, Inc.’s imprint Colossus Books has published BEYONCE’: Before the Legend—The Rise of Beyonce’ and Destiny’s Child – The Early Years by Kelly Kenyatta.
The true and timeless story of Beyonce’ and her rise to fame and fortune: from Destiny’s Child to Dangerously in Love and Jay-Z.
More than 60 photos detail the journey of  Beyonce’, one of the world’s most beautiful and most talented divas to emerge in the twenty-first century.
Author Kelly Kenyatta describes the formation of Destiny’s Child, the hot girl group from Houston,Texas that went on to gain international fame in the early years before the split.
Beyoncé’s confidence in music came long before she had gained any acclaim or won any awards. The star who was born on September 4, 1981, performed in her first talent show at age 7 and received a standing ovation for her rendition of “Imagine.” Before the talent show ended, Beyoncé told her mother that she wanted to “get her trophy, get her money, and go, because she was hungry.” Her mother attempted to contain her ego by explaining that the contest was over, and they did not yet know who was actually going to win the event; however, it was not long before Beyoncé’s confidence was proven valid, as she was announced as the first place winner.
Years later, after achieving phenomenal international success with the group Destiny’s Child, Beyoncé decided that 2003 was the perfect time in her career to release a solo album. She gained immediate acclaim, because all of her mainstream exposure had made the release of Dangerously in Love highly anticipated. Audiences knew that the help she received from Missy Elliot, Jay Z, Sean Paul, Mario Winans, Big Boi, and Luther Vandross would only seal the potential success of the album.
BEYONCE’: Before the Legend – The Rise of Beyonce’ and Destiny’s Child – The Early Years chapters include: “In the Beginning”, “Destiny’s Child the First Album”, “The Writing’s on the Wall”, “A New Destination”, “On the Road with Christina Aguilera” and “Three Times a Charm”.

BEYONCE’: Before the Legend – The Rise of Beyonce’ and Destiny’s Child – The Early Years was written by Kelly Kenyatta, a Chicago-based writer and freelance journalist. Kelly has written for major newspapers and magazines and holds bachelor’s and master’s degrees in journalism. Other Colossus Books titles written by Kelly Kenyatta include: Eminem & Dr. Dre and Aaliyah – An R&B Princess in Words and Pictures.

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