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Foluso Oluade named Miss Alabama State University 2013-2014


Miss ASUBy Jessica Jones

Foluso Oluade, a senior at Alabama State University, has been crowned Miss Alabama State University 2013-2014.
She is the daughter of Olujide Oluade, of Nigeria, and Patricia Oluade of Lexington, Miss.
A native of Jacksonville, Miss., Oluade, chose to attend ASU because of its renowned arts department, and because of a longing to “get away from home.”
During her academic career at ASU, Oluade, an English major, said she has taken away more than just what she learned in the classroom.
“What is most dear to me about Alabama State University is the life lessons I have learned at the school,” Oluade said. “The diversity of the school, with students from all over, brings a lot of enlightenment, as well as challenges, that prepare me for my next step in life.”
Leading up to running for the Miss ASU title, Oluade’s intentions were to, not only be an outstanding Miss ASU, but to also be as true to herself as she possibly could.
“My expectations were that I could easily handle my positions and that I would have a template of how to be the best Miss ASU to date,” she said. “Being Miss ASU certainly has been no walk in the park, not because this is not an awesome position to be in, but because there is no template that explains how Foluso can be the best Foluso. This means there is no template for me, in my own right, to be the best Miss ASU to date.”
Whether or not she would win the crown wasn’t a concern for Oluade, who has a slightly different definition of winning; for her, winning doesn’t always mean coming in first place.
“I had a feeling that I was destined to win,” Oluade said. “Even if I had lost the election I still would have won because I learned about positive dimensions in myself due to the process of running.”
As confident as she was while running for the title, she still expressed her surprise at winning.
“When I won I could not believe it,” she said. “All that was going through my mind was Thank you, God! I am sure that this was duly noted by the students when I fell to my knees and screamed it.”
As the representative of the school, Oluade understands the responsibility that she has been given is great. For her, it brings to mind several emotions, yet none can quite describe the feeling perfectly.
“It is a wonderful feeling, a powerful feeling, and at times [a] scary feeling to be a representative of Alabama State University,” Oluade said. “Being Miss ASU can’t be [summed] up in a few words. I would have to write a book about how tremendous a feeling it is to be my university’s queen.”
Aside from positively representing her school and herself, Oluade said she will also serve her community and peers.
“I am in a wonderful position to nurture and enlighten others through forums and events geared towards wise choice making,” Oluade said.” Wise choice making as far as health, peer pressure, every aspect of life I can touch on.”
In addition to her fulfilling duties of Miss ASU, Oluade is also a member of ASU Elite Models, the W.E.B Dubois Honors program, ASU peer mentoring, and assists with the ASU Aspire mentoring program.
After graduation, Oluade has plans to become a model, or performer as she desires any career that aligns with her love of the arts. She also plans to move to New York to persue a double major in women/gender studies and law.


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