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Local dessert business owner makes life sweeter


Cupcake Story 1 Cupcake Story 2by Jessica Jones
Tameka Pryor is co-owner of Sweet Satiable Desserts, a bakery that specializes in custom cakes, cookies and cupcakes.
Pryor, a former banker, and her mother, Rhonda Nickerson, formerly a nurse for 30 years, began baking together 10 years ago and opened Sweet Satiable Desserts one year ago at the suggestion of friends and family.
“I started baking with my mom about 10 years ago,” Pryor said. “We started a made from scratch desserts company and we specialize in personalized sweets, usually for family and friends and just recently we decided to expand our business.”
Now Pryor and Nickerson create personalized confections for businesses, restaurants and various events such as weddings and birthdays. They also fill individual personal orders.
In order to serve food to the public they had to find a commercial kitchen, a task that proved difficult.
“One of our biggest obstacles was having a commercial space and once we got that space it just opened up a lot of doors for us,” Pryor said.
In a world of pre-made food, Pryor’s company prides itself on producing hand-made, made from scratch desserts.
“The unique thing about [our desserts] is they’re made from scratch,” Pryor said. “It’s kind of hard to find cakes that are made from scratch now.”
The recipes that they use to make their desserts are tried and true family recipes.
“We use recipes that are passed down from my grandmother,” Pryor said. In addition to her grandmother’s Southern recipes, Pryor and her mother also create some of their own recipes, as well as special orders. “Some people have special requests and we try to fulfill those,” she said.”
View their menu and place an order on their website at www.sweetsatiablecupcakes.com, or by calling Tameka Pryor at (205)249-3022 or Rhonda Nickerson at (205) 410-6252.


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