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Dr. Jesse J. Lewis, Sr.
Dr. Jesse J. Lewis, Sr.
Dr. Jesse J. Lewis, Sr.

Just in case you missed it
by Jesse J. Lewis, Sr.

The greatest game ending ever! As a result of Auburn upsetting Alabama the great state of Alabama received $500 million worth of free advertising. Most experts and others believe that Alabama was going to remain undefeated. Had Alabama won, the state would have received $50 million worth of free advertising.
The Iron Bowl was on every radio and newscast sports show all over the world including Japan, China, Iran, Iraq, and Syria.

Coach Gus Malzahn, Coach of the Year
At the beginning of the season, most experts predicted that Auburn would win four-five games and would not be Bowl eligible. There was an article written in the Birmingham Times by me and I quote: “Auburn University will win eight games or more.” I must have received 10,000 emails, all saying the same thing, quote: “What kind of funny cigarettes have you been smoking?”
What people fail to remember is in 2012, Auburn had a top-ten recruiting class, which means everything was in place. All they needed was a coach and someone to convince them that they could and Gus Malzahn did this. It would be almost un-American if he were not named Coach of the Year. (I’m using the term un-American because this is the term Jay Johnson, the Athletic Director, used to express his opinion.)

Can Alabama play for a National Championship?
The answer is no. I have thought of every possible solution and I still come to the same answer, no. If Auburn, Ohio State, and Florida State all lose their last games, it still would not include Alabama, simply because Auburn beat Alabama and Florida State, unquestionably the best team in the country. In all probability it would be Ohio State and Florida State, and bring Missouri in the mix, having lost one game and Auburn has lost two. The game still would be between Florida State and Missouri.
The only way Auburn would play for a National Championship is if they beat Missouri, if Ohio State loses and Florida wins then Auburn would jump over Ohio State.

Who was the biggest loser?
The biggest loser is Alabama University. Here’s what they lost:
1. The only school to ever win three National Championships back to back.
2. A chance for A.J. McCarron to be in the mix for the Heisman Trophy.
3. Nick Saban would have gone down in history as one of the greatest coaches who ever coached at
However, Alabama should count their blessings. I arrived at this conclusion when I watched Joel Osteen Sunday morning. Joel Osteen said most people dwell on the negative instead of the positive. If I were the coach, in the locker room I would discuss with the seniors and all other players the accomplishments they have made at Alabama this year; all the games won, all the games played and how fortunate they are to be in this place at this time. They should be discussing the plans for 2014, and a future that looks bright.

Embracing Auburn
Everyone in the State of Alabama, including the dyed-in-the-wool Alabama fans, should be pulling for Auburn to win the National Championship. I am one of those Alabama fans. My first choice is Alabama, second choice is Auburn, third choice any team in the Southeastern Conference. I understand a divided house. At my house, two people finished Miles, one finished A&M and one finished Alabama State, but we all get together to root for any Alabama team that has a chance to play for a National Championship. I’ll start with Missouri and Auburn. I think that the Auburn team is better than the Missouri team and if Auburn does not have a chance, I’ll pull for Missouri because they are in the Southeastern Conference.

Did Nick Saban make any huge mistakes?
The answer is no. Auburn played well enough to win and they made their own breaks. Two great plays came in the last minute of the game when Auburn’s quarterback tried to make a first down, had the ball in his left arm and in the last second changed to his left hand, flipped the ball five yards and made a touchdown all within three seconds. The second great play was the field goal attempt. Auburn set up a return putting everybody in place. Alabama had the wrong mix on the field – the big linebackers who couldn’t run fast. Most people say if they had been the coach, they would have made the same decision that Nick Saban made.

The Jameis Winston saga continuous
The state district attorney needs  to make a decision on whether to indict Winston on rape charges or say he’s free. This case has been going on for a year. It’s now time to bring it to an end so the Heisman Trophy voters can make a decision. It would be a shame if they voted against Winston because of a potential case where he could be found completely innocent. It would also be a shame if they voted for him and he is indicted and found guilty. The district attorney already has enough evidence to make a decision. They just need to announce it.

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