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Water Determines Beauty Chemistry


Water is the most abundant and important of all chemicals, it composes about 75 percent of earth’s surface and about 65 percent of the human body. Water is the universal solvent. A solvent is a substance, and usually liquid that dissolves another substance without any change in chemical composition. Distilled water is used as a nonconductor of electricity, while water containing certain mineral substances is known as an excellent conductor of electricity.
Water is purified through boiling filtration or distillation. Boiling water at 212 degrees Fahrenheit destroys most germs and renders water suitable for drinking. Distillation is the process where water is heated to a vapor in a closed vessel. The vapors are captured and passed off through a tube into another vessel where they are cooled and condensed to a liquid. This process purifies water used in the manufacturing of cosmetics. Soft water is rainwater or chemically treated water that has low levels of mineral substances such as calcium and magnesium salts. Fewer amounts of such minerals in soft water allows your soaps and shampoos to lather freely, as you know, the cleaning power of any soap is found in its lather. A free lathering soap is the best choice for use in the beauty industry.

You can test your water to determine whether or not it is soft by calling The Birmingham Water Works or by using this method :

•    Dissolve ¾ of an ounce of pure powdered castile soap in a pint of distilled water.
•    Use a second pint bottle and fill it half way with tap water
•    Add about 7 drops of the soap solution
•    Shake bottle vigorously, if lather forms at once and persists the water is very soft.
•    If lather does not appear at once add another 7 drops of soap solution, and shake again.If you need more soap solution to produce a good lather, your water is hard.

Always remember that hard water is not good for your skin and hair services. Hard water contains mineral substances such as calcium and magnesium salts, and many others that can damage your skin and hair. I am not asking you to believe this because I said it, I am asking you to study to show your own self-approval.

By: Pete Stone

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