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Salon Manicures Preferred


When Freud famously wondered what women want, he should have checked in the nail salon. According to a recent Harris Interactive survey:

• 91 percent of women feel better after visiting one

• More than half of women have been disappointed with do-it-yourself results

A salon visit ensures a superior service and an opportunity for comfort and community. That’s why many women like to take time to pamper themselves and leave the work to the pros.

What’s more, women who love the sustainability of a long-wear manicure can now rest easy when it comes to UV safety. Dr. John Dowdy and Dr. Robert Sayre recently reported that UV lamps are safer than natural sunlight. In addition, the back of the hand requires four times the amount of UV exposure than the cheeks, chest or abdomen in order to cause sun damage. This makes it nearly impossible to suffer from unsafe exposure during a UV manicure.

Many women, relieved by these findings, head straight to the salon for a CND Shellac manicure. Since not all service is created equal, they look for the CND Shellac Pro Certification in the salon window.

Learn more or find a salon at www.cnd.com.



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