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Natalie Kelly launches environmental strategy & media agency


Natalie Kelly Color HeadshotRebranding leads to Sustain, an agency dedicated to moving sustainability forward

Green living and media expert , Natalie Kelly , has announced the rebranding of her former company, Kelly Green Marketing to Sustain, an environmental strategy and media agency.

Sustain specializes in strategic planning and initiatives, environmental education, social responsibility, public relations, marketing, and media as it pertains to the growing green movement and sustainability culture of today.

“Since the launch of my first green living website, My Green Birmingham, the sustainability landscape has evolved to become a guiding influence in education, business, and everyday life,” said Natalie Kelly, founder and President of Sustain. “New standards for achieving social responsibility have led me to craft a company that is rich in resources to meet the expanding needs of communities and organizations that are working to champion the environment and green living.”

The new agency works with a unique approach to strategy and media to help clients and communities keep sustainability moving forward. “For every client, every cause, and every opportunity we have to make an impact, we think strategically and act effectively,” said Kelly. “We know our work has the ability to enhance lives, preserve the environment, and lead to true progress, so it’s important we hit our mark every time.”