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A Christmas Salute to The Miller Family

The Millers

by Jo Hooks

Family, a group of people related to one another by blood or marriage.

In a world of turmoil and uncertainty, it is more important than ever to make our families the center of our lives and the top of our priorities. We sometimes consider our first cousins, second cousins and third cousins, we think of them as close family. Sometimes in our regular social circles we become family with someone whom we just like and feel close to.  Without  any ties, we will make them our family. I found myself a close-by-family, because of the far away distance of my own. I am so proud to be part of the Miller family. This family’s got it going on. When they welcomed me to the fold and to become part of their family, I felt honored.
The Miller family is familiar to me. Comforting each other with reassurance when one is having special needed attention moment. Their exceptional concerns for each other is phenomenal. Taking pictures and their celebrations for any and all occasions is just remarkable. Since starting our new kinship, I have been to their family gatherings. The celebrations  are sometimes consistent with national holidays, Thanksgiving festivities with all the trimmings, Christmas, New Year’s, Valentine’s Day, Fourth of July, TV football games, barbecues, chicken dinners, fish fries, pork chop dinners, the children trampoline activities, wrestling championship, icy cold bebops (one of my hot summer day favorite treats), extravagant birthday parties and there is nothing like their family activities and dinners. One of the sons married and had a beautiful, elaborate, wedding, another Miller’s joyous celebration. Their family’s next summer cruise to the Islands is another highlight for their family. All of the family is getting ready to go on the big ship. Their celebrations are always well-organized. The weekends are filled with laughter and relaxation, this is very important to the Miller family. Even the smallest  children celebrate with plenty of fun-filled recreation. Neighbors and friends are welcome to come to join in the Miller’s celebrations. Another noble community involvement of the Miller family was the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure in Linn Park. When the family participated in this race it was one of their significant, meaningful contributions.
Good behavior and manners of the Millers is established as a golden rule. A death of one family member, who was an all around guy and well known in the City of Brighton, was sudden. They supported and comforted each other; emphazing their shared feelings. The community surrounded the family with their condolences. The Miller family is a very close family. Sometimes in our efforts to improve we forget that change and growth take time. We should not expect overnight perfection from either ourselves or other family members. Enjoying our families is one of the joys we should accept. Togetherness and closeness will give an extra bond to the unity of family.
Our families help us see where we have come from so that we may more clearly decide where we’d like to go. If we can learn to accept our families for who they are, then we go out into the world armed with the ability to deal with anyone. Some families are better than others at preparing us for the world. What we learn from our families, even if they are simply blank spots on our family trees, becomes the basis of our identities as individuals. Rather than denying our connections, we can choose to accept their presence in our lives. Acceptance does not mean we have to like them; we simply acknowledge that we are connected to them and honor that connection – for like it or not, there is a reason. When we can embrace all that they bring into our experience, we may be grateful for all we have learned from them and have to learn, while we experience everything that comes with family fully and completely. The Miller’s Mother, Mrs. Susie Mae Miller and Father, Mr. Isaac Miller, left a tremendously strong, caring and active family of Brighton, Alabama.


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