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Thank You Mayor Bell & Chief For You and Your Men’s Discipline, Professionalism and Restraint !!!


Kamau Africaby  kamau afrika <afrika_iff_intl@yahoo.com>

These young people are well connected nationally and internationally on social media and they are fearless! Only when asked I advised them to be peaceful, courteous and not block off the road way. The Galleria was mind blowing to put it mildly!!! Thousands of people were there of all races and ages to participate in one way or another and observe. When the text order was given it was like magic when they peacefully stood up and shouted “Hands up, Don’t Shoot” and laid down down in the floor for five minutes.
Al Sharpton’s group got there after we were mostly on the expressway headed home  – or out of town, so we don’t know what happened when we left. We got a call from them saying they had 200 people headed there.
We know you are a true Christian in every sense of the definition in practice regardless of the sickness of the Catholic church and its origins. I know a lot of police officers, marshals and state troopers as past co-workers, frat brothers and friends. They are are brothers and sisters and most are good human beings that want to go home safely. We appreciate their tolerance, yet we fear that regardless of our sons, grandsons or sons-in-law education, title or position in life, they could one day be a victim of a ”  bad apple” if we do not take a stand now!!!
We believe firmly in our Constitution and will die or fight to protect any citizen’s rights, even if I do not agree with their philosophy –  especially  I, IV, V, XIII, XIV and XV Amendment rights and all 30 Articles of the Declaration of Human Rights.
Happy, Safe, Healthy Prosperous Holidays to You and Your Families !!!

Disclaimer: I do not speak for the masses, any of the organizations involved but only express how most of them feel.