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Keeping an Eye on Safety


Samuetta DrewBy Samuetta Hill Drew

Just recently a family very close to me experienced a home invasion while at work in a neighborhood not usually plagued with this type of activity.
Thankfully, the home security system was activated which caused the intruders to flee quickly, but not without the family’s electronics. Even though the home was one considered reasonably secure, there was one area of vulnerability which allowed the intruders to invade this home. This week we’re going to continue to talk about how we can improve and escalate our safety fitness in 2015. Let’s begin by exercising the practices below which include.…

1.     Activating your home security system, if installed, regardless of the length of time you plan to be away.  Many families have chosen to install their own system or have contracted with a company for them to do the home installation. The costs vary but, I would encourage you to make the investment whether you rent or own your home or live in an apartment.  Many additional features are now available with home security systems which provide additional monitoring safety. These new features will allow residents to monitor their homes remotely by using their cellular telephones to activate/deactivate their security system, lock/unlock doors and watch the activity both inside and outside their homes through the use of video cameras. Which every system and features you prefer; I again encourage you to make the investment. You and/or your family are worth it!
2.  Conducting your own personal home assessment. This assessment should provide you an opportunity to identify areas in and around your home which makes your home potentially vulnerable for a home invasion.  Look at all the ways one could possible enter your home and find a way to address them.
3.  Altering your patterns of daily activity and safety practices. You don’t want potential thieves to predict your behavior patterns. Therefore, consider altering your routes when traveling to and from your home. Rotate which lights you allow to stay on throughout the night both inside and out, whether you’re at home or away.
4.  Notifying police of any strange individuals or park cars around your neighborhood. Try to be able to provide them an adequate description without placing yourself in harm’s way.

As we are aware, it is impossible to prevent and/or protect our homes 100 percent from thieves but, we can certainly lessen their accessibility to enter our homes and steal items from us we’ve worked hard to accumulate over the years. It is critical that we always Keep an Eye on Safety for us and our neighbors.