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Local Musician Gives Other Artists Outlet for “Creative Freedom”


By Ariel Worthy


For artists who want to be known for senseless music, they call Young Money. For artists that want their true creativity and talent to show, they call JazzMine JaNis.

JazzMine JaNis is a 26 year-old Birmingham native who has been doing music her entire life. JaNis started in radio, and from radio she decided it was time to take her passion for music serious. She then started her own record label called Artistic Intelligence.

Artistic Intelligence is a platform for people to be who they are musically.

“I started it simply from being an independent artist and being frustrated with what main stream wanted.” JaNis said. “As an artist I’ve had record deals on the table and big opportunities but the main thing that made me say no to a lot of things was the creative freedom. Artistic Intelligence is all about the creative freedom.” Artistic Intelligence develops and produces for their artists, as well as push their talent through podcasts.“It’s a platform for independent artists to be who they are, to have someone to support them and appreciate their creative freedom.”

Artistic Intelligence is housed in Birmingham.

Who inspires you musically?: I wouldn’t say someone, I would say a bit of everything. The thing that motivates me musically is life. Everything I write and produce comes from a life situation and I think that’s why people can relate to a lot of my music because it’s true.

What got you into music?: What got me taking it seriously was situations in life. I always used to fight with people and I hate confrontation. So music was a way for me to just say what I wanted to say and not feel bad for what I said.

How would you describe your musical style?: I really don’t give my music a genre because genres to me are like cages. A lot of people put me in the categories of soul, R&B and new soul.

When do you know you are most satisfied with your work?: You’re the first one to know this secret. When I’m done and I’ll sit back and listen to it, I search for truth and authenticity. If I cry, I’m done.

What is your purpose for singing?: I most certainly feel that the gifts that were given to me are bigger than what I can understand. In this society in this world there are so many negatives. I love sociology and psychology and understanding what the core is can be misunderstood. I was in those shoes once upon a time. All it takes is for someone to listen. The gift that we (as artists) have, have healing and breakthrough.

If you weren’t singing what would you be doing?: I’d probably be a veterinarian.

What’s one instrument you can’t do without on a track?: That’s a hard one because I love so many of them. I would have to say the bass because the bass holds it all together.

On your website there is a video of you performing “Eyes Open.” It’s kind of poetic. Is there a poetry side of you?: I did a lot of poetry, and not only poetry, but freestyling. That’s music anyway. It’s nothing but poetry.

There’s something in your music that keeps people hooked. What would you say that “something” is?: It’s the truth in the music. Nothing is generic about what I do. I come from a real place. I put myself right in the moment, so a lot of people feel the truth in what I say.

What’s your next move?: I’ll be releasing my next project, “Starting Over.” I want to network more and travel more. Touring, meeting beautiful people, traveling, and music.

JaNis is one that is definitely for supporting people in their dreams.

“Speak it into existence; don’t be ashamed of it. Say what you want to do. Work hard towards it and don’t let anybody pull you down from your drive.”


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