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Art culture at LES

By Amanda Pritchard

When students enter room 222 at Leeds Elementary School (LES) they quickly learn they’re embarking on an adventure. Serving as the tour guide on this adventure isLES art teacher Tina Miller. In her second year teaching art at LES, Miller is taking her students on a worldwide journey as they experience “cultures of the world through art.”Transforming her room into a passport office and drafting maps for students to track their routes Miller is excited to incorporate fables, literature, music and theatrical arts into the visual arts they intend to explore.From personalizing their own passports to designing Mangas (Japanese comics) LES students are discovering a whole new world.Another new thing Miller is introducing her students to this year is LES Art Club. “I’m looking for 20 of the most responsible third and fourth graders at LES who are ready to be leaders to jointhe LES Art Club,” Miller said.To be considered for LES Art Club all third and fourth grader are invited to submit a paragraph detailing why they should be in art club and create a piece of art that reflects their best work. All applications are due next Friday, August 28. The 20 students chosen will work on their first semester project—the Leeds Christmas parade.

LES Art1
Leeds Elementary School’s art teacher Tina Miller is ready to stamp her students’ passports.


As Miller’s students ready themselves to learn about Europe, Asia, Australia and beyond they will immerse themselves in the culture by sculpting, beading, making pottery design, costumes, painting and much more.Striving to make sure these students have an authentic experience Miller took part in a 30-hour professional development program over the summer conducted by the National Consortium for Teaching about Asia (NCTA). Through NCTA she received over $200 in books and resources to teach about Asia along with a $300 grant for LES resources. In the spring after her follow-up she will then receive a $400 personal stipend.“NCTA is a great program,” Miller said. “I feel honored to have been selected for it as a new teacher.”With all of these exciting things going on and all the traveling LES students will be doing in art class this year, Miller (and her students) could use a few items for their creations. At the top of the list are wrapping paper rolls, toilet paper rolls, paper towel rolls and parent/grandparent volunteers.Miller said, “If you would like to come share the experience and volunteer some time prepping for these adventures along the way, please send me an email at tmiller@leedsk12.org.”Looking forward to displaying their art around the world throughout the walkway from the lunchroom to the gym known as LES Art Walk, Miller’s art students are eager to show the Leeds community “cultures of the world through art.

Leeds Elementary School art teacher Tina Miller shows how they will track their travel routes.


For more information on donating to the LES Art Department log onto: http://www.leedselementary.org/?PageName=TeacherPage&Page=15&StaffID=304101