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Alabama Attorney Releases Autobiography About Overcoming Poverty, Sexual Abuse on Way to Joining Auburn University Board of Trustees


 More Than A Bird is available at Amazon.com for $14.99. Kindle edition $8.99

BIRMINGHAM – A new autobiography released this month shares the inspirational story of an Alabama woman who overcame nightmarish events and tremendous adversity during her childhood to become a successful attorney, motivational speaker and member of the Auburn University Board of Trustees.
More Than A Bird (available at Amazon.com for $14.99; Kindle edition $8.99) recounts the childhood of Elizabeth “Liz” Huntley. Liz was born in the violent Butler Terrace housing project in Huntsville, Alabama, but raised in her grandmother’s home in Clanton, Alabama, following her mother’s suicide. Her book begins with the death of her mother and the incarceration of her father. From there, it details her emotional journey living in poverty and being sexually abused by her uncle, and profiles the men and women whom she believes God placed in her life to mentor her and help her meet her full potential. More Than A Bird follows Liz through her high school graduation and ultimately her enrollment in college.
“When I was eight-years-old, my pastor inspired me with a simple message: ‘If God takes care of the birds, He will take care of me because I am more than a bird,’” said Liz Huntley, the author of More Than A Bird. “His sermon gave me hope and guided me through some of the darkest days of my life. I want my story to let children in similar situations to mine know that they can reach their dreams, and to encourage more adults to intervene in all children lives like so many did for me.”
A portion of the proceeds from More Than A Bird will support efforts to advocate for the expansion of Alabama’s high-quality, voluntary pre-k program, and to enhance the quality of life for children and families across the state.
Visit lizhuntley.com to order a copy of More Than A Bird or to set up a book signing or speaking engagement. Follow Liz on Facebook (facebook.com/morethanabird), Twitter (@_morethanabird), Instagram (@_morethanabird), and LinkedIn (linkedin.com/pub/liz-huntley/18/a2b/1a0).
What others are saying about More Than A Bird:
“A rare read with lovely simplicity yet profound impact! A beautiful story of pure faith and miraculous resiliency. A child’s tragic young beginning has a true happy ending. This is must read that provides understanding of the amazing capacity of the human spirit to overcome devastating events and circumstances with the belief of their worth by significant others.”

Jeana Ross, Secretary, Alabama Department of Early Childhood Education

“As a Christian bookstore owner and a former teacher, I highly recommend this inspirational book. I started reading and didn’t want to put it down. Liz does a fabulous job of proving, that despite your circumstances and the hard blows that life can deal, with God anything is possible!”

Angie Sanderson, Owner, Boyd’s Place Christian Book Store

About the Author
Elizabeth “Liz” Huntley is a committed child advocate and a passionate litigation attorney. She practices law at Lightfoot, Franklin & White, LLC in Birmingham and regularly serves as a motivational speaker for groups and organizations throughout the country.  In addition to her corporate defense litigation practice, a significant portion of Liz’ legal focus is spent representing and consulting with governmental and non-profit agencies that serve children and families.
An inspirational leader, Liz actively participates in numerous civic and professional organizations.  Much of her volunteer time is dedicated to expanding high quality pre-k to all four-year-olds in Alabama. Appointed by the Governor of Alabama, Liz also serves on the Governor’s Task Force on Prevention of Sexual Abuse in Children.
Liz earned her law degree from the University of Alabama School of Law where she now serves as Chair of the Farrah Law Society Board of Trustees.  She received her undergraduate degree from Auburn University, where she is a member of the Auburn University Board of Trustees.
Liz and her husband Tony have three children.



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