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The Phoenix Book Project serves child abuse survivors.

The Phoenix Book Project is a non-profit organization which promotes sexual violence education, prevention, and recovery.
Bedford, Ohio Licensed social worker Kathleen Thomas releases her memoir in conjunction with The Phoenix Book Project.  Coloring Outside the Lines: Healing from Child Sexual Abuse and Learning to Live by My Own Rules is available on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and Outskirts Press online stores.  Coloring Outside the Lines portrays a harrowing account of child sexual abuse and the painful, yet ultimately victorious, transformation from victim to survivor. 
“Approximately one in ten children under the age of eighteen experiences sexual abuse,” Thomas reports.  “Repercussions of abuse include Post traumatic stress disorder, depression, aggression, sleep and eating disorders, substance abuse, self-harming behaviors, and suicide ideation.  Repercussions may last a lifetime if a survivor does not receive the necessary treatment to heal.”
Fortunately, there are child abuse agencies and rape crisis centers in every state in America.   The Phoenix Book Project will distribute one copy of Coloring Outside the Lines to more than one thousand of these, offering hope and practical advice to survivors, parents, and caregivers.