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2015 Chrysler 200S by James Lewis



Sexy, Sleek, Stylish, Stealth, Smooth. I’m talking about the 2015 Chrysler 200S AWD model that I had the esteem pleasure of test driving.

This performance Sedan came in a color that is exclusive to the 200S model: Ceramic Blue. This is a blend of blue and gray that met somewhere in the middle at exactly the right time. That description wasn’t meant to be confined to the exterior of the car only. The interior of the 200S featured leather vented, sport seats, wood grain trim, a LED console that was so easy to access that even a child could do it and the cabin was very luxurious. The amount of space in the cabin of the car, to describe it as roomy or comfortable is an understatement.

This Performance Sedan does not try to come off as a Sports Sedan, it exceeds that title.

The exterior of the car featured LED lights that are so sleek and stylish it makes you take notice. Wait, I’m getting ahead of myself! The Chrysler 200S is designed to appeal to the younger car buyer and it doesn’t disappoint.

The model that I test drove had a base price of $29,370, which included a 3.6L V6, 9-speed automatic transmission, suspension that is sport tuned with a long list of standard amenities. When you add the leather heated and vented sport seats, the navigation/sound group, the blind spot/cross path detection, the comfort group and the premium lighting group you walk away with a vehicle that will have your neighbors constantly giving you the thumbs up as you drive down the street and expect phone calls asking if they can come over and “peek” inside your new ride. And I realized quickly that if the 200S was parked in my neighbor’s driveway or I saw them riding down my block in it I would be tempted to flag them down to compliment their new purchase too.

The Chrysler 200 comes in four trim packages: LX, Limited, S and C. The Chrysler 200C is the top of the cream of  the Chrysler 200S series.

The Exterior of the Chrysler 200S looks sporty but not overly sporty for a sedan. It’s sleek enough to get that second look and I especially like the dark black versus the silver trim on the LED lights along with the 19-inch black wheels.

The Interior of the Chrysler 200S is what really got my attention. Although the cabin follows the trends of midsize sedans it has that more factor. The sport seats were of a black leather with a S on the back of the seats – that were very comfortable for not only the driver but the rear passengers – with lots of elbow room. The UConnect information system features a large touch screen mounted on the dash with the traditional knobs and buttons on the lower shift console. It has a rotary shift knob for the 9-speed transmission located just past the driver’s armrest and when placed into the Sports mode the gears can be changed by simply tapping a sports shifter located on the steering column. Simple controls for the sound system and controlling the climate in conjunction with the touch screen, the hands-free phone system and the information display for the driver in the middle of the console made it a very pleasurable drive. The push button start/stop button and the push button parking brake with a long list of other specific gadgets on the dash made the interior ultra modern.

The driving and handling of the Chrysler 200S was quite pleasing in both clear and rainy weather. The 3.6 L V6, 9-speed automatic transmission funnels 295 horsepowers/262lb-ft torque to all of the wheels, allows you to go from 0 to wheee doggy in a matter of seconds.The handling due to its weight was great.