Dr. Jesse Lewis, Sr. is the founder of The Birmingham Times.

Jesse J. Lewis, Sr.

Alabama Football!
The major concerns in one week of football by most people would be Ohio State, Auburn and Alabama. My unofficial, non-playing and non-coaching evaluation would be that Ohio State and Alabama lived up to the hype. Auburn did not. Auburn is not a great team but could be a good team. Alabama is a good team that could be a great team. Ohio State is a great team that could be even greater.
Auburn’s quarterback just tried too hard. This was his first game and the huge crowd overwhelmed him. Their first test will come with LSU and I still believe that both Auburn and Alabama will be undefeated until they meet one another.
If they had to play today, Alabama would win. Football is a day to day operation, for you can lose two or three of your players on any given day, at any given time. By losing these players, it changes the landscape of who was a better team one week ago.
Alabama can win the SEC championship with Coker – the present quarterback who started in Saturday’s game. They can’t win a national championship with Coker. He is too predictable, can’t run for any yardage and can’t throw passes on the run. The second string quarterback can do all of these things that Coker can’t do. I would not be surprised if he did not become the first string quarterback within the next three or four weeks. This could happen week after next when Alabama plays Mississippi.
When the dust settles and the National Championship is being played, Ohio State will be one of those teams.
At the present time, I am undecided who will be the other team. I am hoping Alabama.
The Morning Talk Shows
For those people interested in politics, the ones that carry an audience are FOX News, CNN and MSNBC. The highest rating is in this order named. Out of these three stations, there are several groups that are attempting in every way to demand that the Southern Poverty Law Center label FOX News a hate group. These same groups say that MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough (Morning Joe) is almost as bad. What he does according to these groups is bring liberals to the table and ask them questions that require a negative answer. For example, ‘Do you think that Hillary Clinton did anything wrong with her email server?  The answer to this is ‘Yes.’ And, then he would ask the question, ‘If she is found guilty of using her server to distribute knowingly classified information, do you think she still should run for president?’  The answer it this question is ‘No.’
Now, Joe Scarborough can say, ‘ I just ask questions.’  The only thing he does is throw a rock and hide his hand.
According to this same group and individuals CNN is the most accurate with information and the fairest to all parties concerned.
Here is what they say FOX News said and has done:  FOX News’ witch hunt against the movement for justice reached an all-time low.  Elizabeth Hasselbeck kicked off an all day attack on the movement for Black lives by declaring that the movement is a hate group just like the KKK.
The rest of the FOX gang followed Hasselbeck’s attempts to brand the peaceful justice movement a hate group by calling the movement a “criminal organization,” and a “Murder Movement” out to kill police officers. They called for the leaders of the movement to be arrested, and Bill O’Reilly capped if all off by saying, “I’m going to put the movement for Black lives out of business.’
The groups have said that this is one of the vilest attacks FOX has launched against Black folks. To call the movement for justice and equality a hate group is absurd. The reality is, FOX has been profiting off of anti-Black narratives for years, peddling white supremacy and privilege as family values, and inspiring a generation of Dylann Roofs with their dangerous narratives. They want FOX News labeled as the hate group.
FOX News launched the attack to destroy this justice movement in response to the tragic death of a white Sheriff’s Deputy in Harris County, Texas allegedly killed by a Black man, Shannon Miles. Miles, who has no affiliation with the movement for Black lives, and so far has not revealed any motive for his alleged murder of Deputy Goforth, was all that FOX News needed to declare that the movement for Black lives is out to kill cops and that all of the peaceful organizing is criminal and should be destroyed.
The movement for Black Lives is not about murder, it is about ending violence. Incidents of white cops murdered by Black people being chalked up to the movement for Black lives detracts from the movement’s real goals and FOX News calling the movement for Black lives a ‘murder movement’ in response to this random and isolated shooting is a totally misleading narrative with zero factual basis.