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[WATCH] Mathew Knowles Gets Candid About Split With Beyoncé, Talks Relationship With Jay Z





When the news broke that Mathew Knowles was being fired from his position as manager of pop icon Beyoncé, it raised a ton of questions.

Her fans wanted to know why a woman who so often expressed appreciation for her family, would decide to give the boot to own father.

According to the rumor mill, when Mr. Knowles was let go, it was because he was mismanaging his daughter’s funds. Another theory was that his relationship went sour with Beyoncé after moving forward with his divorce from Tina Knowles.

Anytime someone has to fire a relative, it’s probably safe to assume that there’s some lingering animosity. However, when the firing is paired with allegations of stealing, you can bet your last that the relationship is pretty badly damaged, sometimes even beyond repair.

While we haven’t seen Beyoncé and her father together much since he was terminated as her manager in 2011, the music industry executive maintains that things are okay between him and the R&B superstar. But as Madame Noir points out, his demeanor in his uncomfortable interview with the “Insider” leads us to believe otherwise.

On Jay Z:

I think he’s a great guy. He’s an exceptional businessman. He’s an artist and he loves my daughter. If she’s happy, I’m overwhelmed happy.

On the current status of his relationship with Beyoncé:

I’m not talking about my personal business.

On how often he sees Beyoncé:


On if he saw Beyoncé on her 34th birthday:


On rumors that he has been cut off by his daughters:

That’s not true. That’s not true at all.

On being released as Bey’s manager:

I’ll only say that it was time for me to be a dad and not a manager.

On granddaughter Blue Ivy:

She’s like incredible. She’s the smartest 3-year-old that I know. But I would say that. Proud grandfather.



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