Dr. Jesse Lewis, Sr. is the founder of The Birmingham Times.


Jesse J. Lewis, Sr.


YES…We Can!

Birmingham is one of the greatest cities in America.  The question should be can we make it greater?  The answer is YES! We Can!

In order to make our city recognizable throughout the world, here is a laundry list of things we must do.


1.  We must understand that the Mayor can not function without the City Council, if we plan to move into the greatest.

The City Council can not function without the Mayor. The Mayor and the City Council, in order to reach our greatest, must have a ‘Come to Jesus’ meeting.  In that meeting, all they have to say is, ‘We have to work together, for the good of the City.’

2.  The conversation should start between the Mayor and President of the City Council.  They should make a laundry list of things they need to do together for the entire year of 2016.

3.  The next step for the Mayor and the City Council is to sit down together and listen to the suggestions that come from both the City Council and the Mayor. They should agree on which items to support that were recommended by both the Mayor and the City Council President.

4.  Now, it’s time for the Mayor, his staff, City Council, their staff to go over all the issues that the Mayor and City Council have agreed upon.  Making sure that the Mayor, his staff, members of the City Council, their staff will be on the same page of implementing what everyone has agreed upon.

5.  All parties concerned should agree that they will meet quarterly, but the Mayor and the president of the City Council should have a conversation on a Wednesday or Thursday to discuss what should be on the agenda for the following Tuesday.  If they are out of the city, they can do it by telephone.

6.  The key point is that the city comes first, not the Mayor, not the City Council.



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