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By L’Tryce Slade

I am reminded during the Valentine’s Holiday season about what love is. Love means different things to different people. One thing that most people will agree on is that love is sacrifice. 

We all come to a point in our life that we must think about in life what we are willing to sacrifice for our religion, family, careers, and community. 

One thing is clear, if you are not living your life in order to make a sacrifice in an area of your life, then you are not truly living. 

I challenge you as you reflect on February as the heart month, that you commit your heart to making your religion, family, career, and community better. 

Live each day with resilience, and conviction that comes from the heart. 

I believe that we do not necessarily choose a direct path in life, but yet we are given options that will ultimately map our life. 

Let’s live each day making the best choices, not only for us but those around us. That is true sustainability- making the world better for those that come behind us. 

In order to achieve true sustainability, we must tap into what makes us wake up each day with the desire to make a difference in the world. My path is being what I call the “dirt” lady. A woman in the construction industry (General Contracting, Geotechnical Services, Construction Material Testing, Environmental Consulting, and Urban Planning) that is passionate about making career opportunities for others to support their families, which will lead to affecting the next generation’s sustainability. 

Ask yourself, what is your path?

L’Tryce Slade, MRP, JD

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