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Can You Get Out Of Your Own Way?


Barbershop Talk


Pete Stone

As a barber I have witnessed many people participating in the shop talk issues, and many of them expected the same results to their conversational exchanges from each group of clients that came into the shop while they were talking.

Character is a distinguishing feature of a person in a shoptalk setting, but the essential character of many African Americans is typical of the Willie Lynch Syndrome that taught the slaves to distrust each other. Barbershop talk taught me that the Willie Lynch mis-education of the Black man is still in many of us today. I have lost many customers because they turned a conversation into an argument in my shop and lost the argument. A black business person must be on the alert for warning signals of people who can’t get out of their own way or risk losing a customer because of mis-trust.

The African American communities  in America are dying out because of the absence of key black owned business operations such as grocery stores, in Birmingham, we have had two grocery stores that were black owned, but we couldn’t get out of our own way and we lost them. In my opinion we as a people must start spending our money and our trust with each other if we are to survive and build an ecomomical future in America, we must get out of our own way. Now I am not asking you to believe this because I said it, I am asking you to study o show your own self approval.

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