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By Tijuana J. Williams

A few days ago, I found myself stuck in traffic. As I watched the cars inch along, I noticed a white truck in the next lane. There was nothing significant about the truck, just an older gentleman with his trusty sidekick, a brown Labrador retriever, who was gazing out of the window. I didn’t think much of it at first. Then I heard God say, “This is a picture of many people’s lives.” I kept moving without giving the words much thought, but soon my car was parallel with the truck and traffic was at a standstill. I heard God say, “Look closely. This is a picture of how many people live each day.” This time, I took a closer look, but with my spiritual eyes.

I saw the driver. He was focused. It seemed he knew where he wanted to go. He was aware of his surroundings and although the pace was slow, he was steadily moving forward. I’m sure he was much like me, not expecting this much traffic, but by the look on his face, it was not bothered. Wherever he was going, it seemed he had more than enough time as compared to other drivers who were moving from lane to lane somehow hoping to get beyond that which was unavoidable…highway construction.

As I turned my attention to the passenger seat, things seemed much different. I saw someone who was only willing to go where man could take him. I saw someone who had gotten comfortable. He showed no concern for the destination. His confidence was in man. With his head protruding from the side window, he stared aimlessly at the other cars as they passed by. Forward thinking was not his intent. Although it was just a dog, I saw someone who had lost their focus and was just along for the ride.

This entire scenario is a mirror image of all of us. Whether you are the driver or the passenger, a journey is inevitable. Each day we must choose whether we take control of the wheel or go along for the ride. Even if you boldly declare that you are the driver, many are watching or may be riding with you. You have to decide whether you will simply allow them to thoughtlessly ride along or will you share teachable nuggets that will ultimately lead them to leave you and become drivers of their own destiny.

If you are the passenger, stop and ask yourself a couple of questions, “Am I in the right position? Do I know where my driver is going? Is his destination in line with my destiny? Am I being mentored as we ride along or is my kindness being taken for granted?”

I challenge you today to know who you are and where you are going. Being a passenger is not negative as long as the ride is purposeful. Being the driver is not always positive, especially if you don’t know where you are going. No matter your position, take steps each day to move forward. And always remember, your position in life is your decision.

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