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ONE MAN’S OPINION By Jesse J. Lewis, Sr.


Trump, Pathological Liar

 Donald Trump, without a shadow of a doubt, has made a mockery of every individual and organization whose votes and support he has captured in his quest to become the president of the United States.

 He completely destroyed the personal lives of 16 individuals that ran for President of the United States. He has personally criticized 100 percent of the leadership in the Republican Party.

 Trump has made the statement that there will never be another black president in America because they do not meet the qualifications.

 He has publicly stated that all Hispanics are rapists, murderers, and drug dealers.

 He has insulted women by labeling them fat, ugly, and ignorant. He even said that when they are on their period their thought process is unreliable.

 In Trump’s view, no Muslims should be allowed to enter the United States, and the ones that are here currently should be deported.

He has served as his own press agent under an assumed name, and discussed his infidelity and sexual contact with women.

 Trump is using the same scare tactics that George Wallace used in the ’60s and ’70s. Most people can remember George Wallace saying, “Segregation today, segregation tomorrow, and segregation forever.” The scare tactics Wallace used stressed the idea that these black people will go to school with you and eventually end up marrying white women.

 There are many other dumb things that Trump is guilty of, such as not releasing his tax returns, and saying that when he gets ready to make a decision he consults himself.

 One writer said Donald Trump will more than likely vet himself as Vice President of the United States.

 After reading all the things I have said about Donald Trump, his chances of winning the presidency at this period in time is greater than 50 percent.

 Regardless of what he has done, regardless to what he has said, his followers do not care. Every time Hillary Clinton picks up two women voters, Donald Trump gains two white male voters that are Democrats. He believes that he is going to eventually get all the women on his side, even though he criticized them. He says black and Hispanic voters will not turn out.

 He further believes that Bernie Sanders, who is not a Democrat but an Independent, will destroy the Democratic Party. All of his commercials will be based on Bernie Sanders’ own words.

 Unquestionably, Hillary Clinton is more qualified to serve as President of the United States than any other person in the country.

 On a sad note, Donald Trump, as I fore stated, has an excellent chance

at winning the presidency, in spite of the division, hate-filled rhetoric spewed regularly from his mouth.

 On a good note, if he becomes the President of the United States, we will have no support from foreign countries, we will be involved in two or three wars, he cannot deliver on job promises, and he will only serve one term. This, however, would leave the country in the worst state of turmoil in recent history. If Hillary Clinton loses, Bernie Sanders will have to take responsibility.

 Hillary Clinton could win the presidency if she can do the following: first, get 75 percent of Bernie Sanders’ votes. Second, stay on message. For example, policy issues, job opportunities for all, and economic development for the middle class and poor people in this country. Finally, what she has to do is avoid a personal attack contest with Donald Trump. She can allow her super pac do the dirty work while sticking with the message that Donald Trump is not qualified to be President of the United States.

 Donald Trump is, and always has been, a TV game show host!


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