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Making Ends Meet




By Tijuana J. Williams



From elementary school until I graduated from college, I remember my mom working two jobs. We never went without any of the necessities. I can never even recall a utility being turned off. One thing I knew about my mom was she was the master of “making ends meet.” And because the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree, I, too, can stretch a dollar farther than most. My ability to “make ends meet” was put to the test as we (I had great help!) planned my last event, “Is Your Faith on Fleek?”

My husband and I did everything we knew to do in preparation for the event. We prayed. We budgeted. Then, we prayed some more but as I met week after week with my event planner, I realized the event was going to exceed my expectation…financially, that is. See, being CFO of our home (my husband is the CEO), I account for every dollar. Saving, planning, and budgeting were instilled in me from birth. And I must admit, when things don’t go according to the budget, I kind of freak out! This event was no exception. As I inserted costs into my budget sheet, I quickly recognized I wanted to do more than I had budgeted for. The “doing more” was not for me, but instead to ensure that every woman who attended could grasp the concept of living by faith in purpose. You see, that was my assignment.

I shared my concerns with my husband and God numerous times. My problem was they were on one accord. I kept assuring my husband I would find a way to “make ends meet.” Naturally, he encouraged me to keep moving forward and so did God. As uncomfortable as this was for me, I obeyed. I paid a deposit on the venue, approved centerpieces, ordered photo frames, secured a caterer, rented tables and chair, the list seemed to go on and on and on. Just as I expected, the budget was quickly exhausted. I immediately began searching for ways to “make ends meet.” Maybe I could borrow tables and chairs, ax the photo frames, or even make my own centerpieces. Then God quickly reminded me, through a story about Abram and the King of Sodom in Genesis 14 that all credit had to be His alone. With “ends” that seemed to be as far as the east is from the west, I proceeded.

By the end of the event, I was overwhelmed with gladness. Glad I didn’t cut corners. Glad people showed up. Glad my assignment was fulfilled. I felt like a light bulb was turned on in the hearts and minds of many of the ladies that evening. I believe they began to have greater faith, believe in themselves, and dream again! Also, at the end of the evening, as I received a warm, sincere hug, a check was placed in my hand. I could not look at it right away, but I knew it was God’s way of letting me know He is my provider and “making ends meet” was His job, not mine.

My challenge to you is whatever God is telling you to do, do it. He will never show us every step. He will never give us every answer. If He did, faith would not be required, but when we operate by faith, He is pleased! Our comfort must be gained by trusting that He is who He says He is…The All-Knowing God!

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