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8 ways to keep your holiday deliveries safe


By Samuetta Hill Drew
Millions of Americans do their holiday shopping online each year. For consumers it’s an easy and painless way to browse and shop for family, co-workers and friends. In the comfort of your home you locate that special gift anywhere in the world. You don’t have to worry about finding a parking space, carrying multiple packages, purse/gift snatchers or children getting lost.

Yet with all these holiday shopping hassles eliminated, there continues to exist safety risk factors. Safety risk factors you should certainly become familiar with, as well as be prepared for since thieves during the holidays can be lurking anywhere – even on your front porch.

Yes, thieves keep up with the latest trends like online shopping and have adapted their “search, grab and go” techniques to this new shopping trend.

So let’s review some safety recommendations you may select to help protect your package deliveries from getting in the hands of these thieves during this holiday season.

Pick up your package at your local post office. USPS, FedEx and UPS each offer a service to hold your package at their facility or redirect to your local post office (USPS’s Package Intercept). Both FedEx and UPS will keep your package up to five days without charge.

Try Amazon locker. They are available in select locations throughout the country. They will text or email you a special code which you will punch into the machine to receive your packages. They will keep the package for up to three days.

If you have an expensive or very special item on the way, request your sender to require a signature confirmation. This is another way to keep your package safe and ensure delivery to your home instead of a mistaken address similar to your address.

You may also choose to have your merchandise delivered to your place of employment, unless your workplace forbids it. All the major delivery carriers deliver to businesses as well as to residents.

If you have any camera devices pointed at your front porch, this also acts as a deterrent to thieves. You will have camera footage to give to the police if your package is stolen. Always report any stolen package whether you have a camera or not to your local police precinct.

Companies will accommodate special requests like leaving the package at your back door or in other places around your home out of plain sight. Thieves like to act quickly so typically they don’t like to search for items to steal.

If you are planning on traveling during the time of your package/gift deliveries, set up a vacation hold so packages/gifts won’t be left at your doorstep.
You can always schedule your delivery at a specific date and time so you can be at home whether you’re traveling or not.

Also use the tracking code information given to you to track your purchases.

During the holidays is important to Keep an Eye on Safety to help prevent thieves from enjoying their Christmas at your expense.