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When will Donald Trump stop lying?

Dr. Jesse Lewis, Sr.

Dr. Jesse Lewis, Sr. 

Dr. Jesse Lewis, Sr.
Dr. Jesse Lewis, Sr.

Maybe the better question is when will his supporters believe he is lying?

The answer to this headline story is never.

According to Josh Gerstein with POLITICO, a Washington lawyer is suing President Donald Trump for allegedly obscuring the extent of his personal debts on his federal financial disclosure form.

Attorney Jeffrey Lovitky filed the case in federal court in Washington this week, claiming that Trump’s May 2016 disclosure intermingles his personal indebtedness and loans made to businesses or development projects Trump is affiliated with.

While Trump or his businesses are facing at least four lawsuits alleging unfair competition or violations of the Constitution’s foreign emoluments clause, Lovitky’s suit makes no claims of impropriety — it simply alleges that the public is being deprived of accurate information about Trump’s debts.

All Trump’s debts are covered on a single page of his 104-page disclosure. The listed loans exceed $300 million in total, according to the report. The total amount of the loans is known to be much larger based on other data, but the disclosure form does not require details above $50 million for each loan that exceeds that amount.

In addition, an article written by Ian Kulgren expresses some of the sentiments among Republicans regarding Trump’s possible contacts with Russia. Rep. Adam Schiff of California, appearing on NBC’s “Meet the Press,” said he was “surprised” to hear former Director of National Intelligence James Clapper say there was no evidence of coordination between the Trump campaign and Russian officials.

“I was surprised to see Director Clapper say that, because I don’t think you can make that claim categorically, as he did,” Schiff said. “I would characterize it this way: At the outset of the investigation, there was circumstantial evidence of collusion. There was direct evidence, I think, of deception.”

“I don’t want to prejudge where we ultimately end up and, of course, there’s one thing to say there’s evidence. There’s another thing to say we can prove this, or prove it beyond a reasonable doubt, or there’s enough evidence to bring to a grand jury for purposes of criminal indictment,” Schiff said. “But there was certainly enough for us to conduct an investigation.”

Trump is in serious trouble. The FBI stated emphatically that President Obama did not wiretap Trump Towers. And they added that four or five of Trump’s surrogates are under investigation. What Trump does not know is that these people would rather send him to prison than to go themselves.

When the FBI interviews Trump surrogates the rationale is going to be; which would you rather have? Sixteen years in prison or two? They are going to say two, which is going to come with additional comments such as when and how much do you know about Trump’s involvement in dealing with the Russians? It is going to be better for them to answer these questions truthfully, because the FBI will already have the answers to these questions.