Mo’Nique shouldn’t expect a role in ‘Wonder Woman 2’, says comedian Faizon Love. Here’s why.

By Ariel Worthy
The Birmingham Times

Faizon Love will be at the StarDome Comedy Club in Hoover Friday through Sunday.
Faizon Love will be at the StarDome Comedy Club in Hoover Friday through Sunday.

Faizon Love doesn’t consider himself like other comedians and his outspoken comments about Bill Cosby,  comedienne Mo’Nique and President Donald J. Trump prove it.

“Most comedians are dying trying to get to Hollywood. It’s my job to tell my side of the story. That’s what Richard Pryor would do; tell his side of the story. Bill Cosby would tell his side of the story. George Carlin would tell his side of the story,” Love said.

When it comes to adjusting to Hollywood, Love said he doesn’t try to.

“I haven’t stopped working,” he said. “They’re not going to give me a $60 million contract because I’m not that n—-. But I’m not going to stop making my money. Most of these comedians are monkeys and gerbils. They just want to be famous. Like Hannibal Buress. He wants to be so famous and loved by white folks, that he will say and do anything; I’m the exact opposite. I’ll slap a motherf—– at the airport if they deserve it.”

Love used comedienne Mo’Nique as an example.

“I was trying to tell Mo’Nique, she thinks she’s blackballed and I let her know, ‘you ain’t blackballed, you make more than any black actress out there doing what you want to do,’” he said. “All they’re going to do is make another slave movie for her. They’re not going to put her in Wonder Woman part 2.”

Love will be at the StarDome Comedy Club in Hoover Friday, June 9 through Sunday, June 11. This is Love’s second time at the StarDome and said he always loves coming to Alabama. “We all love Alabama. The women are pretty, and smart,” he said.

His family will also be at the show, he said.

“I have family in Alabama. Birmingham, Tuscaloosa, Greenville, Sylacauga and Mobile,” he said.

During the show, the Cuban-born actor and comedian said he will talk about the Bill Cosby trial, which began on Monday. Love has publicly supported Cosby.

“I find it amazing how no one is supporting him. I’m supposedly his only supporter,” Love said. “Black people want justice for everything else. If you’re going against Bill Cosby, but you’re saying Trayvon Martin was injustice then how the f— is that going to work? Trayvon Martin and Bill Cosby are the same injustice; you’re telling me [the justice system] got it right this time? All these black people getting killed, nobody is going to jail for it, but somehow they got Bill Cosby right.”

Love said he believes Cosby will win the case.

“You don’t bring up something that happened in 1960,” Love said. “You know he’s blind? How are you going to f— with somebody blind?”

Unlike most comedians, Love said he won’t be talking about Trump.

“I think it’s a distraction, I don’t care about what Trump is doing; I don’t have a problem with Trump,” Love said. “I never had a problem with none of the presidents. I don’t give a f— about what Trump is doing. It doesn’t affect me. What affects me is what’s going on in Flint, Michigan. There’s people that can’t have fresh water. [Trump’s] doing what everybody else is doing, so what difference does it make?”

As far as the confirmed fourth installment of the “Friday” series, Love, who was in the first one which starred Ice Cube, Chris Tucker, John Witherspoon and Nia Long, said he has not been approached about reprising his role of Big Worm, the local drug supplier in the first movie.

“I’m in ‘Friday’ for about two minutes and 30 seconds total,” he said. “I still love Cube, that’s my guy and I hope they do well. But I don’t think I will be in it,” he said “They just mentioned my name a lot [in the movie], but I was only in the movie for a few minutes. I love Cube, DJ Pooh. I want them to win. I hope they do well with it.”

Love has a new film, “Ripped,” which will premiere on June 23, and a new stand up special, “What More Can I Say?” which will appear on his website later this year.