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Robert Dawkins
Compiled by Erica Wright

Cellphones have transformed the way many of us live, work and play. We asked Birmingham-area residents, How has the cellphone changed you?

Susan Dulin

Susan Dulin: “I can communicate with a lot more people easily. I can access a lot more information and I have fallen in love with Instagram. I think the cellphone and the impact it has is good for adults but bad for kids because they seem to lose focus with it.”

Robert Dawkins

Robert Dawkins: “You can be more organized using a cellphone, and you can be more in tune with what’s going on in the country on a quick basis . . . it’s also changed me sometimes to where I don’t need to stay on as much as I do, but overall I think it has changed [things] for the better.”

Louanne Elliot

Louanne Elliot: “For work I depend on my cellphone. I do a lot of onboarding calls for our company and my phone tells me when I have a call in the next 10 minutes or even when it’s scheduled, so it’s very helpful and keeps me on task. I don’t know what I would do without my phone.”

Lisa Henson

Lisa Henson: “I find it very helpful at times. I love the fact that I can access information really quickly, but I also find that I waste a lot of time on it too. I’d say overall it’s been good for me though because it’s just so helpful and convenient.”