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Rochelle Malone
Compiled by Erica Wright

Where we are raised can create lasting memories. We asked area residents, what did you like most about where you were raised?

Donna Yester

Donna Yester: “Between the ages of two and nine I lived in Ridgecrest China Lake, which is in the Mojave Desert in Southern California. I was a tomboy so I liked living in the desert because I could catch lizards and have the desert right outside of my front door. It was a lot of fun growing up with the neighborhood kids and playing out in the desert.”

Archie Sekher

Archie Sekher: “I was raised in London and I moved around a lot as a kid and I loved that I got to experience many different cultures. I’ve lived in Germany, Switzerland, and Vienna and also in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. My parents were professors so they taught at different universities so that’s why we moved around . . . but I loved it.

Rochelle Malone

Rochelle Malone: “I was raised here in Birmingham and . . . I’ve been reflecting on my childhood lately. My grandfather was Dr. A.G. Gaston and as a child I was exposed to different things that most children weren’t exposed to because of my grandfather, like having lunch at the Relay House, having dinner at Joy Young’s, a Chinese restaurant that used to be here . . . I also have memories of shopping with my mom during Christmas time at the Pizitz Building [in downtown Birmingham].”

Katie Brooks

Katie Brooks: “I was raised here in Birmingham. I grew up in Vestavia Hills, specifically, and I liked the community feel the best because I loved where I lived . . . it felt like a little community in a big city and was easy to navigate through from Vestavia to Birmingham and vice versa.”